Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fast Food Delivery!!

So,  another Sunday awaits you and you'll probably end up being stuck at home with no food. The usual. We feel your pain...cuz we suffer it too. We're trying to find out ways to end Sunday Starvation Days. 
 As for now this is a list of a few restaurants that offer Food Delivery!!

Ameen mamak (in Sri Petaling)  call or sms :  012-3457860
      No extra charges after midnight.
       An additional Rm 1.5 for delivery if order is below Rm 10 

Domino's Pizza Delivery - 1300-888-333
Between 11am - 11pm 
1st Fast Food Online Service in Malaysia - order pizza online 
  if you have the membership card(which you can buy from a few outlets) you can get one extra Pizza for each one you order. AWESOME! 

Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza Online

McDelivery - 1300-13-1300 
(McDonald's Value Meal, Happy Meal...)
Between 7.30am - 12 Midnight

Nando's Chicken Delivery  

Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut Delivery - 1300-88-2525
 (Pizza, Pasta...)
Between 11.00am - 11.00pm

Monday, August 9, 2010


Dear friends,

Our senior, Shin Ying Lee has been extremely gracious by coming up with guidelines for students applying to the UK.

Dear students and friends,

Troubled by visa application? don't you worry. Here I am guiding and sharing some tips on visa application to UK. First of all, congratulations to have twinned to UK! Before going there, you have mainly two parties to deal with: your twinned uni and the UK borders agency(this for visa)

If you are M2 batch, visa application starts in June if the intake is September.(3 months prior)
If you are M1 batch, take a deep breath and start to get the documents ready. It will be rushed but just take one step at the time. During the waiting period, be cool yea..

Please have your source reliant, better to have an experienced agent to guide you through this, because after asking so many people, turns out to be the facts contradict each other, so please visit IMPORTANT!!cause the policy may change.

Certain facts you must know:
You must have your CAS number in order to apply for visa. Visa busy times are July and August, so don’t delay in applying. It’s at Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang, google it out.
You are General Student Tier 4, type of visa application.

Let me share with you my journey:

1.      Get my passport ready. To make things convenient, make sure the passport not expire during your course. I renewed mine, and found out got special rates for students below 21 yrs old.
2.      Get my visa photo ready, make sure is white  background and the rules.
3.      I received documents from Uni of Glasgow with lots of form to fill and to be sent out datelines. Regarding this, please alias with the respective universities cause you are dealing with them.
4.      Letter of Good Conduct, Financial Guarantee Form etc.
5.      Get your certificate of completion of Phase 1 from IMU, normally during convo. If not, the key is to ASK , be proactiveJ

Wait for CAS letter.
Key concepts:       a) UCAS form– form to register in the border agency abt yourself
                              b) CAS number -  issued from Twinned uni to apply for visa.
In Glasgow, you have sth called candidate number, that is received when you sent out all the documents needed by the university applying for accommodation.

Once you get your CAS letter, if can pay your school fees cause you need the CAS number. You might be wondering why all the hassle, because the UK people wanna make sure you got money to pay and stay in UK.

IMPORTANT: GET BANK STATEMENT READY. It’s much easier if your hold an account of your name or joint account u and parent. Otherwise, if the account holder is not your name, you need to get your birth certificate translated by somebody post holder, then certified. This one I am not too sure, please ask.

CAS number gotten, you can go online start application.

On the day submitting visa,
get your appointment booked online. Bring your documents. There is a checklist can be downloaded from website under supporting documents.

1.      Printed online form
2.      Download appendix 8 and fill it up. It’s regarding outstanding payment and maintenance fee( it’s your living cost)
3.      Bank statement: make sure has enough money to cover for all costs in UK in one year.Mr Hira from MSL travel, told me put this statement in if it’s saving account, the account has been there more than 28 days, and is active and can be withdrawn at anytime.
4.      Current and old passport.
5.      Visa fee, I paid by bank draft RM 976 my time, has been in increasing trend.
6.      CAS number in CAS letter
7.      Visa photo
8.      The documents mentioned in CAS letter to bring for visa application like certificates, IELTS if have
9.      I brought my receipt of payment, to smoothen process visa, let them know I have paid to go there to study not to illegal work.
10.  Bank statement (this quite need some effort and queries to get you on the correct way)

Tick the relevant boxes in the printed checklist. under General student Tier 4

I photocopied the documents and prepared 2 copies. All the documents including passport will be retained during the visa process around 5-15 days.

On the day, you can opt for sms track application and request documents to be sent for those not staying in KL, or you can collect in person. Additional fees are charged.

Then they will bring you to room to get your fingerprints and photo. Having the receipt, you can track your application online then pray hard that your application is approved.

Sounds tedious? It does, but it takes effort and time and the tip is to ask when you are in doubt. I was advised not to book and pay my flight before I got by visa. Mr Hira or any agent helped me make reservations then I confirm by paying end of July to get my flight ticket.

So, good luck! Any queries you can ask any seniors, but taking note that the policy might change anytime, maybe it will turn easier for you guysJ So all the best, welcome to UK!

-Shin Ying Lee-

On behalf of SRC, thank you very much Ms. Shin Ying Lee and good luck with your application friends!